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Pastry Program Consulting + Workshops 

My Mission

To create an industry full of well rounded restaurant employees, 

one team at a time.

Did you know a dessert menu can be more than a cookie skillet, strawberry shortcake, creme brulee or tiramisu?


It's a common trend.

I have worked in so many kitchens where chefs curate an amazing menu,

source the best ingredients, and truly nail the flavors for the first 1-3 courses.

And then the dessert is lackluster.

I offer a dessert program for a restaurant full of cooks who hate baking!

1 Day Hands On

6 Hour instructional workshop on the basics of baking and plating dessert menu items. 

Mini Workshop

1 Day Hands On

Learn how to implement "from scratch " pastries and  breads in your brunch program.

Brunch Game Strong

3 Day Hands On

Reboot your entire dessert program with a 3 Day hands on boot camp to get your staff inspired!

Pastry& Dessert Boot camp

Train Your Staff...Increase Your Check Average!

And create an inspiring and encouraging atmosphere within your staff

We are more alike than you think!

There's often a stigma surrounding pastry chefs, at least from the "nose to the grindstone" line cooks of the industry.While I like frosting cakes, my forearms are covered in burns, my index finger has a 10 year old knife callus, and I know whit it's like to be buried in the weeds for 12 hours of an 18 hour day......Perfectly conceptualized desserts often fall to the wayside when the shit hits the fan. Consider that no more!

..........Let me show you and your staff how to work organized, thoughtful dessert items into your daily prep rotations. 

Not having a pastry chef isn't a good excuse anymore......Just like cooking a steak, flipping an omelette, and dicing an onion- perfecting techniques is the most satisfying way to serving amazing food to be proud of!

Why Me