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Mini Workshop

1 Day 

6 Hours

Put your kitchen staff through a one day, 6 hour course on the basics of pastry and dessert making. With a combination of hands on work, demonstrations, and explanations of why we’re doing what we are, your staff will learn the fundamentals of doughs, cakes, custards, meringues, time management and more. This comes with a recipe book of 6 desserts using techniques we learn that you can put into place with newfound skills. 

Brunch Pastry Bootcamp

1 Day

8 Hours

Have an awesome brunch in place already?

Do you want to add it and not know where to start?


Either way- if you aren’t making your own breads and pastries- you should be !

Fresh breads and pastries made in house not only bring more value to your menu, attract new customers and keep them coming back, but it brings a sense of pride to the staff preparing it. This two day hands on pastry bootcamp will teach your staff everything they need to know to make amazing pastries in house, but implement the systems and recipes to get started immediately. I will help to manage menu items and the prep tasks they involve to make baking in house a part of prep for your existing staff without overextending anyone. 

Full Dessert Bootcamp

Mon- Wed

Launch your new menu that weekend!

From ordering the supplies to the the plate hitting the table, this is a full three day bootcamp where you and your staff will learn everything you need to to have a solid dessert program in place in your restaurant, leaving customers spending more!

How It Works:

Before I come, we will work together on a one hour call to establish where your dessert program stands, what sells, what doesn’t, what you definitely want to continue offering, and what you want to change, as well as what your food cost is like, labor cost, and how desserts are currently executed by staff, as these are all things that will be addressed and corrected with this program.


From here I will create you a custom menu with 6 desserts that will fit your restaurant and compliment your dinner menu perfectly. We will work together to ensure that these desserts will be refined and delicious, yet still simple enough to be accomplished by the staff you are already working with. A good dessert program doesn’t necessarily need a pastry chef or baker-just a good team with solid time management skills. It’s all about working with who and what you have, and this is exactly what we will accomplish. 

We’ll make this change in one weekend of rigorous training. Your kitchen staff and I will have 3-4 hours of hands on training in the kitchen to start the day. While we break to sample some of what we’ve worked on, my attention will turn to the front of house staff. We’ll spend about 45 minutes together each day going over some education of dessert and pastries, learning and tasting the menu we are putting into place, and talking about the best ways to present these desserts to guests. Remember, no matter how delicious the dessert is, the guest only sees that if your servers make that sale. Did you know that over half of diners decide not to order dessert before they even see the menu?

On day three, we’ll launch the new menu and I will be there working the dessert station with the staff member manning it. We will go over the plating, managing multiple tickets, and having everything ready to go out the window at the same time. We’ll arrange the most efficient way to set up ingredients and plating materials, and make selling desserts to every table manageable and timely. I will check in with front of house staff and guests on some feedback before leaving this great little money making dessert menu in your hands to truly flourish. 

The full dessert bootcamp experience includes a  full recipe book with up to 12 desserts using all techniques we learned in bootcamp, food cost and labor cost breakdown of each plate, an order guide with all products and quantities required, a prep guide including a time goal for each project, a dessert basics handbook with discussed selling strategies for front of house employees, a picture guide to plating and a 6 month check in/ 1 hour refresher demo.