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  about me

rachael lang

an industry old soul

From the first time someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer has always been easy..I've had a pastry bag in my hand since I could hold one, and spent my childhood days bugging my dad to teach me about  everything he was doing in the kitchen- and it wasn't long before I knew that was where I belonged.  Since then, I've been hungry to learn all I could.

Growing up in Central Massachusetts, in a home where dad cooked from scratch daily, it was easy for me to develop a love for food, I always wanted to try everything. Starting the moment I was old enough to hold a pastry bag, my grandmother has been passing her cake decorating skills down to me. 

As I've grown my goals have been ever changing. I remember telling myself at age 16 that my ten year goal was to be the sous chef at the French Laundry. Now that that's two years away, it's pretty far from what I want to be doing. My family lives all over the country, and being able to see them is super important to me

I began working in restaurants  in high school, including Sweet kitchen under Chef Alina Eisenhauer, who has remained an incredible mentor to me over the years. From there I went on to the French Culinary Institute in Campbell, California. This schooling taught me so much about myself, the culinary industry,  and left me ready to immerse myself in it entirely.